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Damn her.

Pairing: Makorra

Rating: K+

A/N: First, drabble, thing.. Ever. Um, please tell me if this sucks.

Summary: Mako’s staring at Korra after they had sex, basically, or something…

Damn her.

Damn her pretty face, and those stupid, damned, ocean eyes that made his knees go weak.

Damn those lips, that made him dizzy.  And that stupid, smug smirk of hers.

Or when her lips decided to actually form into a smile. God, when she smiled, a genuinely happy smile, he could just die.

Damn her, for making him.. Feel.

Sure, he’d felt.. Feelings, throughout life. For his brother, brotherly love.

Not.. The kind of love that made your knees go weak, or made you feel dizzy.

No, Mako was too manly for that stupid stuff. He was too smart for it!

The young fire bender knew the consequences of being in a relationship with the young Avatar. She had duties, which may cause her to leave at any moment.

Then where would he be? Brokenhearted and alone. But he had this small, stupid feeling that, even if they weren’t in a sort-of relationship, he’d still feel that way if she were to leave.

Because unfortunately, he loved her. He’d already accepted that.

He’d even had the guts to tell her, not too long ago.

That’s why he’s lying here in bed, in his room, with her asleep on his chest, their clothes scattered about the room.

That’s why he’s lying there, staring at the damned face of hers. That damned beautiful face, that looked so damned beautiful with the moon shining on it.

Stupid pretty hair, that he had the privilege to see cascading down her back and shoulders, rather than up in a ponytail.

Stupid lips, that were constantly being pressed to his whenever she could sneak a kiss.

Stupid Korra.. Making him fall in love.

Damn her. 

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